It’s Official! Ken Cuccinelli Declares Attorney General Bid

March 31, 2008

       Today, Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R-37th) declared that he will be running for Attorney General in 2009.   In a crowded room of supporters, Cuccinelli declared his intentions saying that this will be one of the strongest tickets for the Republican party in many years.   With Cuccinelli’s strong grassroots supporters and his strong conservative principles, he will be a formidable candidate bringing in hope and optimism to a strong ticket of Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling.  Cuccinelli is a strong advocate of reducing the size of government, cutting taxes, controlling government spending, ensuring that public safety is top priority, protecting property rights and mental health reforms.  

     Cuccinelli also mentioned that he will stay true to conservative principles if he is elected to serve as Attorney General.  With mention to his leadership on gun and property rights in the State Senate, he is confident of his success as a statewide candidate.  During the press conference when asked if he was concerned about potential AG candidates (presumably Sen. Mark Obenshain, Former Del. Paul Harris, etc.), Cuccinelli indicated that Sen. Obenshain has endorsed his candidacy and that the McDonnell/Bolling ticket offers less party in-fighting and more unity.   Cuccinelli also stated his success in regards to protecting the taxpayers rights and how he would continue Virginia’s business friendly status by protecting the existing right to work laws.

          With Cuccinelli as the Attorney General nominee, Northern Virginia will have a candidate running statewide for the Republican ticket.  This will further increase the strength of our ticket.

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