On Saturday, the delegates at the 10th Congressional District convention sent a message that they want strong conservative leadership representing them on the State Central Committee.   All three of the candidates Ken Cuccinelli supported won election.  Congratulations to JoAnne Chase, Kay Gunter and Howie Lind on your victories.  Additionally, congratulations to Jim Rich on his re-election as Chairman of the 10th Congressional District committee.


Attorney General candidate and Republican State Senator Ken Cuccinelli announced that he is endorsing Rep. Frank R. Wolf for re-election. Rep. Wolf is a great advocate for pro-family principles and his interests in human rights issues have made him a great Congressman. Add to that, his dedication to his district with strong constituent services makes him a sound choice for re-election. Cuccinelli also mentioned that the first campaign that he worked on was helping his aunt stuff envelopes for Frank Wolf.

Additionally, Cuccinelli endorsed three strong candidates for the 10th District convention. JoAnne Chase, Howie Lind and Kay Gunter have been endorsed, due to their strong dedication to the party and plans to improve the party.

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