Ken Cuccinelli on the Special General Assembly Session

July 10, 2008

     I received this e-mail from Sen. Ken Cuccinelli (candidate for Attorney General) about the end of the special session.  It is good to have an anti-tax warrior representing the 37th District and the Commonwealth.

 July 10, 2008

Dear Fellow Republican:
You have undoubtedly heard the famous quote: “No man’s life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session….”  It is a quote lifted mirthlessly from a 102-year-old New York court decision [1 Tucker 248 (N. Y. Surr. 1866)].  Well, for the moment, your life, liberty and property are safe as the General Assembly adjourned sine die at about 1:30 this morning.  (Sine die is latin for ‘we’re not coming back ‘til January’).

I just thought you’d want to know, and it was WAY too late for the newspapers, so I thought I’d send you a quick Compass.

Some highlights include the fact that Governor Kaine’s bill got zero, none, nada, zilch votes on the floor of the House of Delegates.  Not even one single Democrat would vote for the Governor’s bill.  Ouch.  Well, that’s not an entirely clear statement… 

The bill had not been sent out of committee as of yesterday morning, and the House Republicans decided it would be a good idea to let everyone vote on the Governor’s bill.  So, to put the bill on the floor required a 2/3 vote of the House members to suspend the usual rules, but only 57 of them voted to bring the bill to the floor – all the ‘no’ votes were Democrats.  So, the Dems did not want to vote on the Governor’s bill.

This takes us back to the outrageous aspect (one of the outrageous aspects) of this special session, namely, that the Governor had no plan whatsoever for this special session.  Zero, none, nada, zilcho.  He appears to have simply called the special session with no apparent intention of doing anything beyond giving his initial speech (which, as you may recall got no applause even from Democrats on any point of substance – very unusual for a Governor), and then he was off to the Obama campaign trail.

I wonder if he even knows that his session produced nothing?

Now, mind you, harkening back to the quote I began with above, sometimes nothing is better than the alternative…

I will talk to you again soon, just wanted to let you know that your taxes aren’t going up – this time!  Of course, our solutions to move hundreds of millions of dollars from the existing sales tax to transportation did not happen either, nor any of our other proposed alternatives, so don’t let the other side tell you that it was the conservatives that wouldn’t compromise.  We offered proposals that would have our own state government tighten its belt to move money to transportation just like every family and business in Virginia has had to do with rising gas prices in that last year or two… but the tax hikers/big spenders would have none of that!  And so went the special session…

Senator Ken Cuccinelli
Virginia 37th District

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