Ken Cuccinelli Ahead In Fundraising

July 16, 2008

Ken Cuccinelli is one of the most dedicated and strong campaigners in Virginia politics.  Cuccinelli always stands for what he believes in, regardless of what others may think, and this is why I am supporting him.   He knows what it takes to win, and his recent fundraising edge proves this point.

Cuccinelli raised over $125,000, and his campaign currently has $110,000 on hand.   The reason behind his strong fundraising is that he does not stray away from his message for standing up for preserving property rights, defending the 2nd Amendment, upholding the Constitution and protecting the sanctity of life.

Cuccinelli said, “Conservatives are responding to my record of defending Life, protecting our communities, preserving Constitutional rights, and fighting to reign in the size of government.  I’m very excited about the early enthusiasm we’ve been generating across the Commonwealth.”

For more information, check out his website.

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One Response to “Ken Cuccinelli Ahead In Fundraising”

  1. novaconservative Says:

    Amen… the establishment squish types are lining up behind Brownlee, or so it appears, ti will be quite the struggle.

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