The True Side of John Brownlee

July 26, 2008

Are we really seeing the true side of John Brownlee, one of the candidates running for the Attorney General’s office in Virginia?   After a recent online radio interview (from Virginia Politics on Demand) on Bearing Drift, we are starting to learn more about Brownlee’s views on the pro-life issue.  During this interview, Shaun Kenney (who is a cost host of the show) talked about how much stronger Ken Cuccinelli was on the pro-life record, compared to John Brownlee’s not-so known record.   After this interview, Brownlee attempted to clarify his unknown record by saying that both him and Cuccinelli are pro-life on many issues.   However, do we know Brownlee’s views on the pro-life issue?

       Brownlee makes an assertion in his response to Bearing Drift:

 “in the six years Cuccinelli has served as a state Senator that abortion is still legal and he has done little to advance the cause of making it illegal.”

One question to Brownlee:  Didn’t the Supreme Court rule in 1972 that abortion is legal (Roe v. Wade)?  This is a Federal governance issue, and there is only so much you can do at the state level to pass a complete ban.  Cuccinelli is a staunch pro-life advocate, who has stood strong on this issue at the legislative level.  So, his assertion is moot.

         The more I hear about Brownlee, the less I like.  Brownlee has not be clear on many issues of importance to Virginia, such as illegal immigration, etc.

         Cuccinelli has the proven leadership and legislative experience for this position.  As an attorney, Cuccinelli understands both the Virginia and U.S. Constitutions.  This is why I am supporting Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General.

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