Brownlee: The Most Conservative Candidate EVER!

September 22, 2008

John Brownlee, who is running for Virginia’s Attorney General in 2009, has declared himself to be the most Conservative candidate EVER to run for statewide office.  Huh?!?

During a speech before the Colonial Republican Women’s Club Annual Fall BBQ yesterday, Brownlee made this false claim and declaring that he is the most conservative candidate running for Attorney General.

Do we really know Brownlee’s stances on issues?   Right now, Brownlee has made no known stances on whether he is pro-life, against illegal immigration or where he stands on tort reform cases.

Since he is not so concrete on his stances, how can he declare himself the most conservative candidate?   I guess, if we all wanted to be like Brownlee, we too could say that we are the most (fill in the blank) candidate ever!

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One Response to “Brownlee: The Most Conservative Candidate EVER!”

  1. cageyd Says:

    As Ben at NLS often says, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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