Brownlee Report Mentions Crystal Clear Conservative

December 8, 2008

One would think that John Brownlee’s campaign would do their research before sending out their report.  As someone who runs the Bloggers 4 Ken Cuccinelli blog, you would think they would not want to quote their opponent’s supporter.   However, I was surprised to have received their report to find that they borrowed a quote from me to twist it in their favor.  Yes, this race is too close to call, but it is not in your favor, Mr. Brownlee.

Another interesting point from this report is that Brownlee quoted undecided voters in his statistics.  The straw poll was decided based on the people who were able to cast the votes.   This means that people had their minds made up when voting.  Ken Cuccinelli won the Straw Poll and Brownlee was in second place.  Clearly, more people support Cuccinelli, and the undecided vote would not have a factor, since it was a straw poll.  Another additional factor to consider:  the luncheon was right after the debate.  More people were concerned about getting good seats at the luncheon and decided to go upstairs without casting a vote.   This is not to say that they were undecided voters.

On Saturday morning at the Advance, attendees had the opportunity to see our three candidates for Attorney General meet in their first debate (more on that below).  After the debate, a straw poll was held.  No candidate received a majority of the vote (remember a candidate in a convention must receive a majority in order to receive the nomination).

320 votes were cast in the poll; Ken Cuccinelli received 153 (47.8%), John Brownlee received 123 (38.4%) and David Foster Received 44 (13.8%).  RPV staff confirms there were 530+ registrants for the Advance, meaning at least 210 Republican registrants did not vote and may be undecided at this time in the Attorney General contest.  Considering the 210 as undecided, the race stands at:

Undecided:         39.6%
Cuccinelli:          28.9%
BROWNLEE:     23.2%
Foster:                8.3%

We are excited and encouraged by these results.  First and foremost, the straw poll shows the race for Attorney General is wide open.  One of our opponent’s primary arguments to voters is that he is the inevitable nominee.  This past weekend’s gathering has laid that argument to rest.  As the blog Crystal Clear Conservative puts it, “…this race is way too close to call.  It will be a tight race until the Convention on [May 30].”

There is still a lot of time left to get delegates for the Convention on May 30.  I am supporting Ken Cuccinelli, as he will stand on behalf for our core principles and adhere to the Constitution.  From the results at the AG debate on Saturday, Cuccinelli offers the experience and understanding needed for the office of Attorney General.

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4 Responses to “Brownlee Report Mentions Crystal Clear Conservative”

  1. Sally Linderman Says:

    Under Dave Foster’s response to question re what mother would think, you wrote the name of his law firm incorrectly. It is Fulbright & Jaworski (not Dworski).

  2. Thanks. I will make the correction.

  3. Jim Spiess Says:

    This is not a blog I enjoy writing, most blogs I have written I truly enjoyed doing. This is a sad story of the sad state of affairs that our politicians are presenting to us. Bob McDonnell who is running for Governor of the State of Virginia and who was the Attorney General before, and Senator Ken Cuccinelli of Fairfax Virginia who is running for Attorney General of Virginia, and Bill Bolling who is the Lt. Governor of Virginia have all three kicked Catherine Crabill under the Republican bus, I can only imagine that Catherine Crabill. now knows how Sarah Palin feels. These three politicians stated to the Washington Post that they have disavowed themselves from Catherine Crabill, a mom who is running for the 99th District of Virginias Delegate seat on the Republican ticket.
    I went to a Town Hall like forum in Warsaw Virginia today and Lt. Governor Bolling was there, I was amazed at how these politicians continue to feed us rhetoric that has gotten them in this mess. Mr. Bolling talked on how he and Bob McDonnell want to bring jobs to the Northern Neck, and then cannot answer simple questions on how the State and the Counties are hurting businesses with all of their red tape and bureaucracy that they create on permits. Business is thwarted on signage and taxes, and he had no real answers there, this man is just sucking us dry by using our tax dollars to pay him. Then he has the gall to defend his actions of disavowing himself from Catherine Crabill who is running for Delegate in the 99th District. When I asked him if he wanted the Democrat Pollard to win he stated he stood by his statement to the Washington Post, I pressed him again for an answer on Pollard and again he stated he stood on his position with the Washington Post, which tells me that this RHINO wants the Democrat to win.
    I urge all Tea Party members to find people to run for office, the time of voting for the lesser of two evils has to stop. How can we gain control of Washington and our State government if we keep electing career politicians to office? We need to end Bob McDonnell’s career and Ken Cuccinelli’s career and Bill Bolling’s career, after this election. This should be the last time any of them get elected to any public office, they do not believe that we have the power to vote them out; if they did they would not have disavowed themselves from a Tea Party member who is running for office. Catherine Crabill made some bold statements, but she was not trying to incite people to take up arms, like they are saying. It is funny how an angry mom running for office, which cannot be bought by special interest groups and will not play the political game the Party wants her to play, is being trashed for a statement made at a Tea Party rally. When we have people like Conyers saying things like they expect us to read the bills before we vote on them, and Pelosi calling us Nazis, Reid calling us evil mongers, what is going on? Instead of disavowing Catherine Crabill, why are they not asking why Congress is not investigating people like Conyers who admit that he doesn’t read the bills before he votes on them?
    The Republican Party is spineless and we need to take it back, so I am urging all Tea Party members to think about running for office, and look for leaders in your community, your church and your social organizations, we need integrity back in the offices that serve us. We need to clean house on both sides of the table.

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