Illegal immigration is one of many issues that an Attorney General will be focused on during his tenure. With the rise of illegal immigrants in Virginia, it is important that the Attorney General address any legal issues that may arise in a fair manner. There is no doubt that we have a candidate seeking the Attorney General nomination, who has a noted legislative record on handling illegal immigration, and that candidate is Ken Cuccinelli.

Ken Cuccinelli is a founding member of the national organization for State Legislators for Legal Immigration. He will ensure that legislation is passed to crack down on illegal aliens who repeatedly break laws, such as identity theft and joining violent criminal gangs. If they break the laws, then they get deported.

Cuccinelli has also passed legislation that requires employers to do background checks and ensure that only legal residents are hired. (Reference SB517). Additionally, Cuccinelli has always supported E-Verify (even though, a certain AG candidate has accused Cuccinelli of being soft on illegal immigration and being against E-Verify). Cuccinelli has also been successful by passing legislation that will give local municipalities legal authority to investigate illegal boarding houses.

So, if you think Cuccinelli is soft on illegal immigration, you are wrongly mistaken. Throughout his legislative career, Cuccinelli has been working hard to make Virginia a safe place to live, work, and conduct business. He has always been strong on adhering to both the Virginia and U.S. Constitution, and this is why I am supporting Ken Cuccinelli on May 30th.

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Today, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Virginia endorsed Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General for his record and commitment to reduce the size of government, as well as fighting to defend our personal liberties.

RLC-Virginia Chairman Bert Mueller said in a statement that,

“Small government and personal liberty advocates have been increasingly frustrated with the Republican Party, contributing to the Party’s weakening presence in the Commonwealth. Ken Cuccinelli is a breath of fresh air for the cause of liberty and personal responsibility.”

“In the lead up to what promises to be a spirited and competitive Virginia GOP convention in Richmond next month — and with the 2005 Attorney General race being decided by just a few hundred votes — grassroots activists who favor Constitutionally limited government are poised to advance our cause and intend to make a difference in Virginia’s Attorney General race.”

This is good news and a great endorsement for Cuccinelli, as the RLC-Virginia is a strong network of volunteer grassroots activists dedicated to the principles of liberty, limited government, and free enterprise within the Republican party.

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Say what?

September 23, 2008

Shifting gears to state politics for a while, John Brownlee – candidate for Attorney General – announced that he was “the most Conservative candidate EVER to run for statewide office” (Crystal Clear Conservative).

Is that so, John?

Putting aside the fact that Cuccinelli is more pro-life than Brownlee, I’d like to know where Brownlee was during the special session, when Senator Cuccinelli was among the leaders in fighting against proposed tax increases in both parties.

Before anyone tries to complain the Attorneys General don’t deal with tax issues, I would remind them that the incumbent AG is still touting his role in the HB3202 debacle from last year. After the special session, I am sure Ken Cuccinelli will not repeat that mistake.

I have no such assurances with Brownlee.

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My good friend Shaun started quite the brouhaha over the Attorney General’s race, even getting the attention of candidate John Brownlee.  Upon closer look though, Brownlee may have done more to hurt his own cause than help it.

Brownlee was miffed about Shaun’s comments on the Bearing Drift podcast, in particular Shaun’s declaration that Brownlee “is not as strong on the pro-life issue as Cuccinelli has proven to be.”

Brownlee’s response revealed a shocking, jaw-dropping, ignorance (Bearing Drift):

“We both believe that life begins at conception and that abortion should be illegal unless it is to protect the life of the mother or in cases of rape or incest,” said Brownlee.


Cuccinelli’s pro-life position does not include rape or incest exceptions.  While I can understand that such exceptions divide the pro-life community, for those of us who agree with Cuccinelli (Shaun and myself are among them), that clearly delineates Cuccinelli as more pro-life than Brownlee.  More to the point, it shows Brownlee really has no idea what his opponents’ views are.  This reveals a shocking amount of ignorance about state politics, one that Republicans must keep in mind when nominating a candidate.

That ignorance flows through to his second statement on the issue:

Brownlee also stated that in the six years Cuccinelli has served as a state Senator that abortion is still legal and he has done little to advance the cause of making it illegal.

Crystal Clear Conservative already dealt with this, but once again, Brownlee seems to have no clue what Cuccinelli has done in Richmond to protect unborn children, including his fight to defund Planned Parenthood.  Moreover, it forces me to bring something else up.

John Brownlee, according to his own website, was U.S. Attorney for seven years, longer than Cuccinelli was in the state senate.  More importantly, Brownlee was active with the judicial branch of the Federal government, the branch which actually legalized abortion in 1973.  How many times did Brownlee fight to have Roe v. Wade overturned?  In how many cases did his office stand up for pre-born children?  If there were any, his website makes no mention of it.

Given that the Attorney General of Virginia would have to defend any pro-life measure signed into law in the federal courts, you would think Brownlee would at least note some role he played on that issue.  More likely, he did nothing.

Perhaps he had no opportunity, but that doesn’t give him the right to pretend Cuccinelli’s pro-life record doesn’t exist; nor does it give him (Brownlee) the right to mischaracterize Cuccinelli’s position.

All in all, Brownlee’s response actually made me happier for choosing to support Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General.

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