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October 20, 2009

Here is a new Cuccinelli TV Ad.  It features three county sheriffs praising Ken Cuccinelli.  It also deals with Shannon’s attacks on Cuccinelli.  This is going to air state wide today.  This is another installment of a very positive and creative ad campaign by the Cuccinelli Campaign.


At last nights attorney general debate Ken Cuccinelli asked Steve Shannon a simple question.  What are the divisions of the Attorney General’s office, and what do they do?  Steve Shannon refused to answer the question, and calls answering the question about the office he will manage quibbling about bureaucracy.  BVBL has the full story here.

Earlier I posted about how Steve Shannon is practically being paid to call for Phil Hamilton to resign. Now it seems that as you follow Steve Shannon’s money trail, it may lead to none other than Acorn. This web ad from the Cuccinelli campaign is pretty hard hitting on this connection. This ad has been picked up by the Wall Street Journal and Politico even though it has been out for mere hours.

For someone who constantly criticizes Ken Cuccinelli for having a “personal political agenda” it is ironic there are this many questionable money connections with Steve Shannon.

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In early September, e-mails came out that seemed to indicate Delegate Phil Hamilton funneled state money to Old Dominion University in exchange for a job. Steve Shannon immediately called on Phil Hamilton to resign, and called on Cuccinelli to do the same. He even began running radio ads in the Norfolk are going after Cuccinelli for not calling on Phil Hamilton to resign.

Cuccinelli has responded by arguing that it is wrong for an Attorney General candidate to weigh in on the issue because he might have to sit in judgment in the case. Some have argued that once again this is evidence that Cuccinelli understands the role of the Attorney General while Shannon doesn’t.
Thanks to Virginia’s public finance disclosure rules some interesting trends have turned up in donations to the Democrat Statewide candidates. It appears that Phil Hamilton’s opponent’s law firm gave over $120,000.00 to the three Democrat statewide candidates, including over $50,000 to Steve Shannon. Tom White of VA Right did an excellent job analyzing the numbers. This raises the question should there be calls for Steve Shannon to be investigated? If he was given money from Hamilton’s opponent and then as a result started calling for Phil Hamilton to resign, isn’t that prid pro quo?
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Last fundraising period Cuccinelli outraised Steve Shannon. At this point we don’t know what Shannon’s numbers are so we don’t know if Cuccinelli outraised him, however it is a historic fundraising record. This last quarter Cuccinelli raised more money off of 1,000 more donors than Bob McDonnell raised in the same quarter of his Attorney General bid. Also the Cuccinelli campaign did this without any party money, which McDonnell had a significant amount of in that quarter. This is a great sign of the true momentum of the Cuccinelli campaign. Even in a bad economy many people believe passionately enough in Ken Cuccinelli that they are willign to donate to his campaign. When you are dedicated to standing up for our values people will respond and support you in Virginia.

Cuccinelli summarized it best when he said,
“I am extremely gratified by the large number of people who have contributed to my campaign. It’s truly a testament to the overwhelming grassroots support we have around the Commonwealth. Clearly our message of improving the economy, creating jobs and keeping our families and our neighborhoods safe is ringing a cord with Virginians.”
Is anyone really surprised Cuccinelli has this strong of a grassroots support when he gives speeches like the one he gave at Buena Vista?
Lets keep the momentum going and make sure Ken Cuccinelli becomes our next Attorney General.
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In the last fundraising period Ken Cuccinelli ouraised his opponent, Steve Shannon, by $7,000.00. Ken Cuccinelli raised $291,704 and Steven Shannon raised $284,733. (Contrary to what the Richmond Times Dispatch may write this actually means Ken raised more money.) Not only did Ken outraise Steve, but he also had the most donations. He had 292 donations greater than $100.00 compared with Shannon’s 238. On donations of $100.00 or less Cuccinelli had 487 more than eight times as much as Steve Shannon’s 57. If donors are votes Ken Cuccinelli is in good shape.

Not only did Ken outraise Steve Shannon this quarter, he pulled in a historic haul. According to Chris Lacivita,

“This was more than the last two GOP candidates for attorney general, Bob McDonnell and Jerry W. Kilgore, raised in the same period, campaign consultant Chris LaCivita said. It also includes no national GOP money, he said.”

This historic fundraising report follows only a week after Ken’s polling lead was announced. Let’s keep this moment going by volunteering, and continuing to donate. If we work hard we will see Ken Cuccinelli as our next Attorney General.
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One would think that John Brownlee’s campaign would do their research before sending out their report.  As someone who runs the Bloggers 4 Ken Cuccinelli blog, you would think they would not want to quote their opponent’s supporter.   However, I was surprised to have received their report to find that they borrowed a quote from me to twist it in their favor.  Yes, this race is too close to call, but it is not in your favor, Mr. Brownlee.

Another interesting point from this report is that Brownlee quoted undecided voters in his statistics.  The straw poll was decided based on the people who were able to cast the votes.   This means that people had their minds made up when voting.  Ken Cuccinelli won the Straw Poll and Brownlee was in second place.  Clearly, more people support Cuccinelli, and the undecided vote would not have a factor, since it was a straw poll.  Another additional factor to consider:  the luncheon was right after the debate.  More people were concerned about getting good seats at the luncheon and decided to go upstairs without casting a vote.   This is not to say that they were undecided voters.

On Saturday morning at the Advance, attendees had the opportunity to see our three candidates for Attorney General meet in their first debate (more on that below).  After the debate, a straw poll was held.  No candidate received a majority of the vote (remember a candidate in a convention must receive a majority in order to receive the nomination).

320 votes were cast in the poll; Ken Cuccinelli received 153 (47.8%), John Brownlee received 123 (38.4%) and David Foster Received 44 (13.8%).  RPV staff confirms there were 530+ registrants for the Advance, meaning at least 210 Republican registrants did not vote and may be undecided at this time in the Attorney General contest.  Considering the 210 as undecided, the race stands at:

Undecided:         39.6%
Cuccinelli:          28.9%
BROWNLEE:     23.2%
Foster:                8.3%

We are excited and encouraged by these results.  First and foremost, the straw poll shows the race for Attorney General is wide open.  One of our opponent’s primary arguments to voters is that he is the inevitable nominee.  This past weekend’s gathering has laid that argument to rest.  As the blog Crystal Clear Conservative puts it, “…this race is way too close to call.  It will be a tight race until the Convention on [May 30].”

There is still a lot of time left to get delegates for the Convention on May 30.  I am supporting Ken Cuccinelli, as he will stand on behalf for our core principles and adhere to the Constitution.  From the results at the AG debate on Saturday, Cuccinelli offers the experience and understanding needed for the office of Attorney General.

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In a packed audience, the first Attorney General debate began with great fanfare. John Brownlee, Ken Cuccinelli, and Dave Foster are there to state the reasons why Republicans should be supporting them during the convention in May. The debate began with opening remarks from former Governor Jim Gilmore. Gilmore gave a brief synopsis of why he believed the party failed to elect Republicans last month. Former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore moderated the debate.

Opening remarks commenced with Brownlee, who mentioned that he will be the candidate in the form of Kilgore and Gilmore. Cuccinelli opened by touting his legislative record in the General Assembly as a State Senator. Foster talked about how he was the only Republican to have been elected in the “People’s Republic of Arlington.” Foster also talked about how education is close to his heart.

First question to the candidates: If your wife had a web page devoted to you, what would she say about you? What would be your strengths and weaknesses according to your spouse?

Brownlee: I hope she would say it was my dedication to public service. When we met in 1997, I had served in the Army. I wanted to give back. My parents worked hard to provide me with a strong education that included law school. Then, he served as a prosecutor in Washington, D.C., and George W. Bush awarded me with being the District Attorney for the western district of Virginia.

Brownlee did not answer what his weaknesses were, as the question was asked.

Cuccinelli: My wife would say I’m stubborn and that I like to argue a lot. I am blunt, what you see is what you get. I believe in running for office as the founding fathers would have intended. She sees this as both a strength and a weakness.

Foster: My wife would say that I have an obscure devotion as a family. I work as a partner in an international law firm, Fulbright and Dworski, as well as serving in the school board.

Second question to the candidates: What is the proper role for Attorney General?

Cuccinelli: There are an enormous number of companies coming from all states. We need to consult with other states’ attorney generals. The reasons to enter interstate dealings shouldn’t be for personal profit, but to obey the law.

Foster: The Attorney General’s office is the third largest law firm in the state, behind McGuire Woods and Hunt and Williams.  He mentioned his experience with his law firm and said that he would have the experience to hire and fire.

Brownlee: The Attorney General’s office is to uphold the Virginia Constitution and to have prosecutorial powers.  He mentioned Medicaid and how he prosecuted offenses to those who wrongly took money from seniors.

Third question: What would you have done about HB 3202? Would you have challenged this law?

Foster accused Tim Kaine of this travesty, and then he mentioned how he would have challenged this act.

Brownlee mentioned that he had some issues with HB 3202, but hopefully, he will trust

Cuccinelli said he thought HB 3202 was unconstitutional because of the regional tax authorities. “The Constitution comes first.” Cuccinelli said, “We need to move towards a free market approach [when it comes to a HOT lanes toll].

Next question: What role will death penalty play in your campaign? What will you do when it comes to your administration?

Brownlee said that the death penalty should be handled in a sober matter. Virginia will continue to have the death penalty that will be used in the most heinous and brutal crimes. He believes that the triggerman rule should be abolished.

Cuccinelli mentioned his experience serving on the Courts Committee in the State Senate and said that death penalty has been addressed regularly. He supports the death penalty and will back it as an Attorney General. It is the sensitive issue.

Foster mentioned how the triggerman rule does not make sense to him, but he would uphold the death penalty.

REAL ID position

Cuccinelli hit a home run with his answer. The upcoming session, Cuccinelli will be introducing a bill to get REAL ID requirements out of Virginia.

Foster skirted this question, and Brownlee did not fully answer the question.

Do you agree or disagree with the Republican Party position on illegal immigration?

Foster said that we need to be open to immigrants, but we should enforce the laws.

Brownlee said we are a party that believes in the rule of law. Second, we are a compassionate party that fights to keep families together. My campaign is uniquely qualified to handle this issue.

Cuccinelli said that we should be reaching out to immigrants. We should enforce the immigration laws and he has passed legislation to ban boarding houses, which is a huge problem in Northern Virginia. He has a track record of reaching out to the ethnic communities.

Recap of the Closing Statements

Brownlee mentioned his experience as a federal prosecutor will make him a great candidate for Attorney General.

Cuccinelli mentioned that he is the only candidate in the AG race who is 100% pro-life. He lives in Northern Virginia, and his commitment to the core principles. They are something to believe in and get behind. People have sacrificed so much for the core principles.

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Congratulations to Ken Cuccinelli for being named “Legislator of the Year” by The Family Foundation!  I couldn’t think of a better legislator to give this award to, since Cuccinelli stands strong for protecting family values.

Here is the media release from the Cuccinelli campaign:

Cuccinelli named Family Foundation

Legislator of the Year

(Richmond, VA) – State Senator Ken Cuccinelli was named “Legislator of the Year” by The Family Foundation at their 2008 Annual Gala this evening.

“It’s very humbling to be singled out among all of our dedicated pro-family representatives in Richmond,” said Cuccinelli.  “But our efforts in Richmond on behalf of Virginia’s families couldn’t be successful without the hard work of groups like The Family Foundation.”

“The traditional values we grew up with are under daily assault by liberals in Washington and Hollywood.  We are not immune to the attacks on our culture here in Virginia and need to stand up for faith and families.”

State Senator Ken Cuccinelli has been a member of the Virginia Senate since 2002 and a leader on family issues.  He was a leader in the campaign for the Marriage Amendment in 2006, and was the tie breaking vote to override Governor Warner’s veto of the partial birth abortion ban.  Ken and his wife Teiro have five daughters and one son.
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John Brownlee, who is running for Virginia’s Attorney General in 2009, has declared himself to be the most Conservative candidate EVER to run for statewide office.  Huh?!?

During a speech before the Colonial Republican Women’s Club Annual Fall BBQ yesterday, Brownlee made this false claim and declaring that he is the most conservative candidate running for Attorney General.

Do we really know Brownlee’s stances on issues?   Right now, Brownlee has made no known stances on whether he is pro-life, against illegal immigration or where he stands on tort reform cases.

Since he is not so concrete on his stances, how can he declare himself the most conservative candidate?   I guess, if we all wanted to be like Brownlee, we too could say that we are the most (fill in the blank) candidate ever!

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