Are we really seeing the true side of John Brownlee, one of the candidates running for the Attorney General’s office in Virginia?   After a recent online radio interview (from Virginia Politics on Demand) on Bearing Drift, we are starting to learn more about Brownlee’s views on the pro-life issue.  During this interview, Shaun Kenney (who is a cost host of the show) talked about how much stronger Ken Cuccinelli was on the pro-life record, compared to John Brownlee’s not-so known record.   After this interview, Brownlee attempted to clarify his unknown record by saying that both him and Cuccinelli are pro-life on many issues.   However, do we know Brownlee’s views on the pro-life issue?

       Brownlee makes an assertion in his response to Bearing Drift:

 “in the six years Cuccinelli has served as a state Senator that abortion is still legal and he has done little to advance the cause of making it illegal.”

One question to Brownlee:  Didn’t the Supreme Court rule in 1972 that abortion is legal (Roe v. Wade)?  This is a Federal governance issue, and there is only so much you can do at the state level to pass a complete ban.  Cuccinelli is a staunch pro-life advocate, who has stood strong on this issue at the legislative level.  So, his assertion is moot.

         The more I hear about Brownlee, the less I like.  Brownlee has not be clear on many issues of importance to Virginia, such as illegal immigration, etc.

         Cuccinelli has the proven leadership and legislative experience for this position.  As an attorney, Cuccinelli understands both the Virginia and U.S. Constitutions.  This is why I am supporting Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General.

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Ken Cuccinelli is one of the most dedicated and strong campaigners in Virginia politics.  Cuccinelli always stands for what he believes in, regardless of what others may think, and this is why I am supporting him.   He knows what it takes to win, and his recent fundraising edge proves this point.

Cuccinelli raised over $125,000, and his campaign currently has $110,000 on hand.   The reason behind his strong fundraising is that he does not stray away from his message for standing up for preserving property rights, defending the 2nd Amendment, upholding the Constitution and protecting the sanctity of life.

Cuccinelli said, “Conservatives are responding to my record of defending Life, protecting our communities, preserving Constitutional rights, and fighting to reign in the size of government.  I’m very excited about the early enthusiasm we’ve been generating across the Commonwealth.”

For more information, check out his website.

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     I received this e-mail from Sen. Ken Cuccinelli (candidate for Attorney General) about the end of the special session.  It is good to have an anti-tax warrior representing the 37th District and the Commonwealth.

 July 10, 2008

Dear Fellow Republican:
You have undoubtedly heard the famous quote: “No man’s life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session….”  It is a quote lifted mirthlessly from a 102-year-old New York court decision [1 Tucker 248 (N. Y. Surr. 1866)].  Well, for the moment, your life, liberty and property are safe as the General Assembly adjourned sine die at about 1:30 this morning.  (Sine die is latin for ‘we’re not coming back ‘til January’).

I just thought you’d want to know, and it was WAY too late for the newspapers, so I thought I’d send you a quick Compass.

Some highlights include the fact that Governor Kaine’s bill got zero, none, nada, zilch votes on the floor of the House of Delegates.  Not even one single Democrat would vote for the Governor’s bill.  Ouch.  Well, that’s not an entirely clear statement… 

The bill had not been sent out of committee as of yesterday morning, and the House Republicans decided it would be a good idea to let everyone vote on the Governor’s bill.  So, to put the bill on the floor required a 2/3 vote of the House members to suspend the usual rules, but only 57 of them voted to bring the bill to the floor – all the ‘no’ votes were Democrats.  So, the Dems did not want to vote on the Governor’s bill.

This takes us back to the outrageous aspect (one of the outrageous aspects) of this special session, namely, that the Governor had no plan whatsoever for this special session.  Zero, none, nada, zilcho.  He appears to have simply called the special session with no apparent intention of doing anything beyond giving his initial speech (which, as you may recall got no applause even from Democrats on any point of substance – very unusual for a Governor), and then he was off to the Obama campaign trail.

I wonder if he even knows that his session produced nothing?

Now, mind you, harkening back to the quote I began with above, sometimes nothing is better than the alternative…

I will talk to you again soon, just wanted to let you know that your taxes aren’t going up – this time!  Of course, our solutions to move hundreds of millions of dollars from the existing sales tax to transportation did not happen either, nor any of our other proposed alternatives, so don’t let the other side tell you that it was the conservatives that wouldn’t compromise.  We offered proposals that would have our own state government tighten its belt to move money to transportation just like every family and business in Virginia has had to do with rising gas prices in that last year or two… but the tax hikers/big spenders would have none of that!  And so went the special session…

Senator Ken Cuccinelli
Virginia 37th District

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This is exactly what I am wondering after reading the e-mail sent from Linda Summerall to various Northern Virginia legislators about their upcoming meeting, which is about (envelope, please) “The Potential Impacts of Global Sea Level Rise on the Mid-Atlantic Region.”   Hmm, sounds like my taxes are being wasted to fund meetings that should be focused on transportation improvements or something more relevant.

       At least, Ken Cuccinelli stands up for the taxpayers with his retort by agreeing with most taxpayers and saying that it is a waste of our taxes to be discussing such irrelevant topics.

      Here is the exchange and H/T to BVBL:

From: Linda Summerall []
Sent: Friday, June 20, 2008 10:42 AM
To: Mark Sickles; Thomas Davis Rust; Bob Marshall; Janet Howell; Al Eisenberg; Jim Scott; Ken Cuccinelli; Ken Plum; Patsy Ticer; Adam Ebbin; Bob Brink; Kristen Amundson; Timothy Hugo; Jill Holtzman Vogel; Herring Mark; Paul Nichols; Scott Lingamfelter; Toddy Puller; David Englin; Joe May; Brian Moran; Richard Stuart; Robert Griendling; Steve Shannon; Jeff Frederick; Chuck Colgan; Dave Marsden; Hon. Margi Vanderhye; Chuck Caputo; David Albo; Vivian Watts; Jackson Miller; Bob Hull; George Barker; Richard Saslaw; David Poisson; Mary Margaret Whipple; David Bulova
Cc: G. Mark Gibb
Subject: NoVa Regional Cmsn mtg


The attached agenda of the Northern Virginia Regional Commission’s monthly meeting on June 26 is being sent to you as an “FYI.”


This month’s presentation is on “Potential Impacts of Global Sea Level Rise on the Mid-Atlantic Region.” You are welcome to attend.


If you have any questions, please contact me or NVRC Executive Director Mark Gibb.

Linda Summerall

Executive Secretary

Northern Virginia Regional Commission



3060 Williams Drive, Suite 510

Fairfax, VA 22031

fax 703-642-5077;

and Ken’s response:

Ms. Summerall,


I recognize that by sending us your email, you are simply fulfilling your communication responsibilities, but I cannot let your email pass without expressing my grievous disappointment that any taxpayer funds are being expended, even if only indirectly, pursuing such an outrageous topic.  This is little different from holding a meeting on the repercussions of an asteroid strike in the mid-Atlantic region.



Ken Cuccinelli

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           I received this press release from State Senator Ken Cuccinelli’s office regarding the recent developments with the Islamic Saudi Academy in Fairfax. 

June 19, 2008                                                       
FAIRFAX, VA – Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R-37), a current candidate for Virginia Attorney General, today released the following letter to Abdalla Al-Shabnan, Director-General of the Islamic Saudi Acadamy. The letter follows controversy surrounding the content of the Academy’s textbooks which merited a sharp review from the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom last Wednesday.


Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, II
June 17, 2008
Mr. Abdalla Al-Shabnan
Islamic Saudi Academy
8333 Richmond Highway
Alexandria, VA 22309
RE: Public repudiation of teaching of violence at Islamic Saudi Academy
Dear Mr. Al-Shabnan:
I read with great concern recent Washington Times news articles regarding the teaching of violent practices to students at the Islamic Saudi Academy on your two northern Virginia campuses. The Times reported on June 12, 2008, that a federal investigation found that your textbooks “teach students that it is permissible for Muslims to kill adulterers and converts from Islam.” 
ISA in its June 13, 2008, website press release states partially in response, “The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) once again issued an erroneous report about the Islamic Saudi Academy.  The report contains mistranslated and misinterpreted texts, and references to textbooks that are no longer in use at the Academy.” 
While I appreciate the press release response, it is not sufficient to alleviate concern. Since the allegations of teaching of violence are not directly and unequivocally repudiated in the press release, doubt remains that the allegations might indeed be true. 
Therefore I call on you and each member of your Board of Directors to publicly (1) repudiate teaching at ISA that it is permissible for Muslims to kill adulterers and converts from Islam, (2) affirm that it is not acceptable for your students to be taught lessons which if acted upon would violate US law and (3) that such lessons are not being taught at ISA. 
Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, II





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On Saturday, the delegates at the 10th Congressional District convention sent a message that they want strong conservative leadership representing them on the State Central Committee.   All three of the candidates Ken Cuccinelli supported won election.  Congratulations to JoAnne Chase, Kay Gunter and Howie Lind on your victories.  Additionally, congratulations to Jim Rich on his re-election as Chairman of the 10th Congressional District committee.

Attorney General candidate and Republican State Senator Ken Cuccinelli announced that he is endorsing Rep. Frank R. Wolf for re-election. Rep. Wolf is a great advocate for pro-family principles and his interests in human rights issues have made him a great Congressman. Add to that, his dedication to his district with strong constituent services makes him a sound choice for re-election. Cuccinelli also mentioned that the first campaign that he worked on was helping his aunt stuff envelopes for Frank Wolf.

Additionally, Cuccinelli endorsed three strong candidates for the 10th District convention. JoAnne Chase, Howie Lind and Kay Gunter have been endorsed, due to their strong dedication to the party and plans to improve the party.

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Shad Planking Tomorrow

April 16, 2008

          Tomorrow is a wonderful event in Virginia Politics.  Shad Planking will be held in Wakefield, VA, and yes, Team Cuccinelli will have a booth.   So, stop by and say “Hi.”

       Today, Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R-37th) declared that he will be running for Attorney General in 2009.   In a crowded room of supporters, Cuccinelli declared his intentions saying that this will be one of the strongest tickets for the Republican party in many years.   With Cuccinelli’s strong grassroots supporters and his strong conservative principles, he will be a formidable candidate bringing in hope and optimism to a strong ticket of Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling.  Cuccinelli is a strong advocate of reducing the size of government, cutting taxes, controlling government spending, ensuring that public safety is top priority, protecting property rights and mental health reforms.  

     Cuccinelli also mentioned that he will stay true to conservative principles if he is elected to serve as Attorney General.  With mention to his leadership on gun and property rights in the State Senate, he is confident of his success as a statewide candidate.  During the press conference when asked if he was concerned about potential AG candidates (presumably Sen. Mark Obenshain, Former Del. Paul Harris, etc.), Cuccinelli indicated that Sen. Obenshain has endorsed his candidacy and that the McDonnell/Bolling ticket offers less party in-fighting and more unity.   Cuccinelli also stated his success in regards to protecting the taxpayers rights and how he would continue Virginia’s business friendly status by protecting the existing right to work laws.

          With Cuccinelli as the Attorney General nominee, Northern Virginia will have a candidate running statewide for the Republican ticket.  This will further increase the strength of our ticket.

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