Illegal immigration is one of many issues that an Attorney General will be focused on during his tenure. With the rise of illegal immigrants in Virginia, it is important that the Attorney General address any legal issues that may arise in a fair manner. There is no doubt that we have a candidate seeking the Attorney General nomination, who has a noted legislative record on handling illegal immigration, and that candidate is Ken Cuccinelli.

Ken Cuccinelli is a founding member of the national organization for State Legislators for Legal Immigration. He will ensure that legislation is passed to crack down on illegal aliens who repeatedly break laws, such as identity theft and joining violent criminal gangs. If they break the laws, then they get deported.

Cuccinelli has also passed legislation that requires employers to do background checks and ensure that only legal residents are hired. (Reference SB517). Additionally, Cuccinelli has always supported E-Verify (even though, a certain AG candidate has accused Cuccinelli of being soft on illegal immigration and being against E-Verify). Cuccinelli has also been successful by passing legislation that will give local municipalities legal authority to investigate illegal boarding houses.

So, if you think Cuccinelli is soft on illegal immigration, you are wrongly mistaken. Throughout his legislative career, Cuccinelli has been working hard to make Virginia a safe place to live, work, and conduct business. He has always been strong on adhering to both the Virginia and U.S. Constitution, and this is why I am supporting Ken Cuccinelli on May 30th.

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